hi, i'm dani

energy transformation coach

channeler I yogi I reiki master

love warrior I digital nomad

[letting the human have the experience]

You life is your art.

Are you living the story you want to be telling? 

The pen is in YOUR hand.

How does the pen feel in your hand?

Do you feel empowered to create + live your highest aligned life?

What does that even mean?


When you were born, you were in total alignment.

Who you are, on the deepest level IS soul alignment.

As you grew up, your buried self in your relationships, career, fears, struggles. You put on a mask of fear, either consciously or unconsciously, and created a life protecting your deepest fears. The more you allowed fear to drive your decisions, the more buried you became.


But perhaps, as you were burying yourself,

you were simply planting yourself?

As a human experiencing earth school, you appreciated the opportunity to lean in + learn. But now you're ready to expand out of those same damn lessons, come home to yourself, & create a life embodying your highest potential.


I help humans do just that.

a bit more about me

My soul is fierce AF and she led us into a wild spiritual awakening. I first connected with my Higher Self in October 2016, left everything, & have dedicated our life to embodying her - my highest potential - ever since.

My purpose in life is to share and inspire grounded spirituality & higher living as we shift the planet from fear-based reality to love-based living & thriving. 

We are ALL love-warriors.

Currently, I am:

Living my dreams on the road (nomadic since May 2018)

Embodying surrender &

 being available for life to happen for me.

Falling in love with my soul mate.

 Probably somewhere way out of my comfort zone (always) with my yoga mat, journal, and camera.

Leaning into my own growth while holding space for others' deep internal + external energy transformation journeys.

If you vibe with me, let's chat & see if there's an opportunity to work together. :)

glimpses of the soul

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