Energy Transformation Coach

Akashic Earth + Pleiadian Light Channel

Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Retreat Leader

Love Warrior, Storyteller

I know what it's like to feel lost.

Confused. Depressed. Anxious. Attached. Living in deep fear; quietly stuck in every area of life.

I spent a good chunk of my 20s in this space, attaching to relationship for security; mystified to what I was actually here to do, be, create; numb to my body and the true voice of my heart; disconnected from my own spirit and divinity.

I led with the Mind and chased instant gratification as I secretly dropped deeper and deeper into a pit of hating myself (and life).

My scream was silent to others because I had so much shame and confusion living in my body; I truly felt like I had invisible chains on my everything, and had thoughts that maybe I was bipolar because I couldn't get a "grip" on life.


Untethered Soul, Eckhart Tolle, meditation, and psychedelics woke me up in 2016 and there was no way I was going back.

And still, I was deeply afraid to leave the life I had created. The web of energy that even though I was suffering, I had found some sense of home in. The chaos had always felt like home. I had never known peace.

But that was just it: I was always searching for Home.

And the quiet ache of anxiety had turned into a scream, and I couldn't pretend anymore.

I said yes to life and life said yes back to me.

In the beginning it was small steps as I remembered how to come home to my inner fire of truth, courage, action, worthiness.

Every step felt like a trust activation.


As I developed my strength and remembered who I really was, 

I took the big leaps; I finally left Atlanta, a place that didn't resonate with my Soul, sold all of my belongings, started a new life.

I did my yoga teacher training, reiki master training, coaching certification, and launched my business in 2017. I said goodbye to an 8 year brand marketing career, held myself through countless plant medicine ceremonies, and began road tripping the US solo.

In early 2018 I started channeling the Akashic Records and it completely changed my life in every aspect. 

I publicly owned my genital herpes diagnoses and went on a ton of podcasts to do my work to breakdown the stigma and heal shame in the collective.

I practiced intentional celibacy for a year, healed deep rooted co-dependency energetic patterns, finally released the desire of partnership altogether and within a week of that 2019 Virgo Full Moon, I met the love of my life on a black sand beach in CR at sunset (February 2019).

We returned a year later to lead my my first international transformation retreat in Costa Rica in February 2020.

Who / Where am I Now?

Well, as I write this now I'm sitting in a cozy airbnb (during a Strawberry Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius) in Downtown San Diego after several weeks in Sedona, AZ (my favorite place in the US!). I've been spending most of the year in Central America, Ireland, and Colorado.


I travel 365. I live a very simple, creative, free-spirited nomadic life. 

I'm a barefoot wild minimalist wanderer AND a fiercely ambitious soul-driven leader.

I'm a wild soul in a 5'2 female body learning to fall in love with life again and again and again.

Welcome to my Story and to my He(Art). I'm SO glad you're here. <3