transformational coaching art

i'm In love with the work of personal transformation. It's an art, a sacred alchemical process.

I lead international retreats, workshops, virtual group courses, self- study courses, & private 1:1 work.

The foundation of my work is chakra/energy channel rebirth + development, emotional release + body-wisdom activation, vision awakening, mind-body healing, deepening of purpose-work & business to be soul-rooted in truth, clear, and alive, and Reiki, Akashic, + Somatic Healer Mentorship.

The frequencies of my work are freedom, unconditional love, higher truth, play, creativity, and free flowing aliveness (our birthright, our natural state of being).

My work is ALIVE, flows through the Human and Cosmic Heart Portal, and is deeply Influenced by channeled support from the Akashic Realm, Pleidians, Earth, & non-physical light Intelligence.

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